ICTA, Africahackon, Akirachix partner as the co-convenors of Barcamp Nairobi 2014

The Information and Communication Technology Authority of Kenya (ICTA), Kenya’s premier collective of technology security aficionados, Africahackon and Kenya’s leading, high impact collective of women in technology, Akirachix have partnered as the co-convenors of Barcamp Nairobi 2014.

The theme for Barcamp Nairobi 2014 is, “Who’s Your Data’s Daddy?” Is privacy and security online possible in Kenya? At Barcamp Nairobi 2014 we are eager to talk about privacy and surveillance, we will explore if there are any strategies and solutions that Kenyan citizens, corporations and governments are using to protect their privacy and security online. In true Barcamp tradition the floor is also open for discussion on any other topics you find interesting.

The Information and Communication Technology Authority is a State Corporation under the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology of the Government of Kenya. The parastatal was established in August 2013. The Authority is tasked with rationalizing and streamlining the management of all Government of Kenya ICT functions. The ICT Authority shall enforce ICT standards in Government and enhance the supervision of its electronic communication under the national message, “One Government, One Voice”. The Authority is the lead organisation in developing and implementing the Government of Kenya’s National Cybersecurity Strategy and is working to ensure cyber security is a national priority.

Africahackon is East Africa’s premier technical computer security collective which brings together the individual talents of the best and brightest security professionals in the region, through live presentations, activities and demonstrations. They are experts on a full range of defensive and offensive security topics, are well versed in the theoretical aspect of cyber security and gurus on the practical and tactical angle of the art.

Barcamp Nairobi is also about outreach and attracting new people to the possibilities of technology and Akirachix are leaders in this field. In pursuing their vision of, “Nurturing generations of women who use technology to develop innovations and solutions for Africa” they have formed a community of 400 women in tech, run regular classes and boot camps, have reached over 1400 women (most from the informal settlements in Nairobi), creating over 30 jobs in the process. Akirachix do not just talk outreach, they do outreach, very successfully too!

Barcamp is an unconference – participants run it. Anyone and everyone can attend. Attendees set the agenda for what’s discussed, lead the sessions and workshops that fill the schedule, and create an environment of innovation and productive discussion.

Who should attend: the curious, the unconventional, the brilliant, the resilient, thinkers, hackers, crackers, builders, coders, techies, writers, artists, ninjas, everyone.

Join ICTA, Akirachix and AfricaHackCon and the rest of Kenya’s technology community at Barcamp Nairobi. Register and book your ticket here!